1. Growth: I love the idea of watching something grow. We plant, water, and God grows it! As long as the soil is good, and the critters don’t get to your precious plants, you’ll have delicious food on your table straight from your back yard. Can’t beat that!
  2. Organic Food: The idea of growing my own food was intriguing to me as I learned about how many pesticides are used in our store-bought foods. Organic gardening is not only more rewarding, but your food gets to your table quicker, therefore is fresher, more nutritious, and delicious!
  3. Fresh Air: By virtue of things growing in the dirt and sunshine, you have to be outside to garden. And I love that… listening to the birds chirp and getting my hands dirty. There is something about those quiet times that makes my head clear and able to listen better.
  4. Exercise: It’s hard work gardening sometimes. Especially on weed-pulling days where you are on your hands and knees, you can really pull a back muscle if you’re not careful haha!
  5. Stress Relief: There is just something therapeutic about pulling weeds, pruning, and harvesting. The fact that gardening requires routine maintenance allows for consistency which helps ease stress as well.
  6. Longer life: Gardening helps you live longer… Wellnessmama says so!
Broccoli plant


Grape tomato plant