All of the other crazy dog owners out there understand. Sometimes, you just have to kiss your dog in their “spot”. You know, that spot between their nose and lips? Haha. Michael and I joke about this all the time.

You couldn’t tell by looking at her, but our sweet Zoey girl didn’t want to have anything to do with us kissing her “spot” or anything else for that matter at first. When we first picked her up from the Jr. Humane Society representative’s house in 2011, she was just over a year old and we were pretty sure she hated us.

I couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t even look us in the eye or take any treats. I had done so much research before we decided to adopt a dog to make sure we had all the right treats, gadgets, and training tools. Honestly… I was heart broken when after 3 weeks, there was no improvement. I remember looking at Michael, sobbing and asking “Why doesn’t she like us? Should we take her back??”

A few days later, I’ll never forget the day our neighbor said “try hot dogs”. I thought, “Surely, she is kidding.” But at that point, I was willing to try anything.

Sure enough…. that’s what did it! The first treat Zoey took from my hand was a hotdog and we’ve been best friends ever since. haha! It’s been a journey with lots of training and socializing, but Zoey is now probably one of the sweetest and happiest dogs out there.

We just adore her… one of the many gifts we continue to be grateful for.img_2070-1