Most everyone likes a fresh start. The new year provides a chance to “start over”, create new goals, and dream about what’s to come.

I’ve always been a dreamer, planner, and an over-thinker. Most of the time, I still over-think ideas but I try to cuddle up with a cup of coffee once in a while and just “be”. Harder than it seems, but necessary. That’s actually how I came up with this blog idea…

I’ve had this little dream of blogging for some time now, and have decided to make it a reality in 2017. The heart behind creating this space is to share thoughts and ideas that matter to me. Life is flying by so fast, and I’ve failed to capture so many fun and meaningful moments in my brain. I enjoy the opportunity to practice my writing skills (Lord knows I could use the brain exercise) and most of all, be REAL in a world that is inundated with pho happiness and consumerism.

One of my biggest goals for this year is to be more present and intentional. I know, everyone says that, right? I’ve been in seasons of life where I could hardly slow down to taste my food for fear of missing out or not working “hard enough”. How I recovered from that cycle is a topic for another day, but I really believe part of what I’ve found helps with intentionality is just being grateful.

During that season I mentioned, I was in a place where I would wake up every day and HATE going to work. Managing a personnel office of about 30 people came with its challenges and my people-pleasing heart had a tough time adjusting… I could never keep up with all the customer complaints, never make everyone happy, never keep all my people motivated, and was living my life very reactively. One day, my favorite boss pulled me into her office and gave me this advice. “Be grateful. Wake up every day and find something to be thankful for. Whether it’s the orange sitting on the counter or whatever. Pick up that orange and say, wow this is the best orange I’ve ever seen.”

I’ve never forgotten that moment. As I reflect on the current season I’m in, I see how valuable that advice remains today. Part of the real problem I see is how forgetful I was then and still am sometimes…it doesn’t seem to take much to forget how faithful God has been over the years. When waves of disappointment or heartbreak flood over us, we feel betrayed and forget about all the answered prayers, moments of common grace, and times when God sustained us when we didn’t think we’d make it through.

I hope creating this little space provides a place to capture real moments and remind myself and others of sweet grace our Heavenly Father provides in unexpected ways.

If you’re reading this, thank you for stopping by! 🙂