Did you know that your dog and cat’s ancestors received over 60% of their water intake from their food? We know that water lubricates, cushions joints, and makes movement easier. We also know that every important body function requires water. The truth is that majority of dogs do not receive enough moisture in their diet…

This is one reason why I like to supplement Zoey’s kibble with a fresh, raw, or canned food.

How do you know how much moisture is in the food you’re feeding? Check the guaranteed analysis on the back of the bag or can.

Example of a dry food analysis: 10% Moisture


Example of wet (canned) food analysis: 85% Moisture


Example of de-hydrated raw food (re-hydrated) analysis: 72% moisture

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Example of frozen raw food analysis: 72% moisture


Of course, whatever you feed your furry child, be sure to always keep fresh water available!