One word. Thankful. My husband and I laugh about the hilarity of the sequence of events today as we make dinner… grocery shopping in the pouring rain, eye doc appointment where I paid $118 to get my eyes dilated, spilling half a gallon of white trim paint all over our newly installed bathroom tile (me involuntarily screaming obscenities), forgiving each other, and then our iMac and laptop breaking within a few minutes of each other. You can’t make this up, but you know what, who cares?

I look at Michael as he carefully peels some carrots for the soup we are making…. I know this is what it’s about. Little moments of time together… wishing I could wrap all these moments up and re-live them over and over. These gifts can so easily get overlooked in the crazy day-to-day. Grateful for a chance to count our blessings and thanking God for His mercy and unfailing love. 


Inspired by the recipe above, I decided to wrap up the remainder of the January harvest and make some dinner. It’s pretty hard to believe that we are still getting amazing vegetables in January, but I’ll take it!

Here’s what the garden looked like just a week or so before today. The heavy rainfall was making my romaine lettuce start to rot, so I knew we needed to get those up!

I was able to make a salad from the romaine, crispy collard green chips, and this hearty soup using the green onions.

There is something about growing your own food that makes it way more fun! I’m looking forward to more plans for spring planting, and I’ll be sure to share…

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

P.S. Wondering how I cleaned up the paint mess from the tile grout today?fullsizerender-8

Steam mop, hot water infused with lemon essential oil, and a scrub brush. Not a drop of paint left on that floor, whew!