Have I mentioned how beautiful the weather is here lately? All the plants are confused and the bugs are out… since we had about 2 days of winter here. Check out the first rose bloom of 2017!

“Date day”, we called it. Michael and I puttered through the mall parking lot in the car, excited to go see a matinee movie and stuff our face with popcorn. We both had a day free from job responsibilities, had run around and accomplished some chores, and decided we wanted to use a gift card we’d been given for the local movie theater.

As we strolled up to the theater, we noticed a large group of diverse people gathered by the door. There were two teen girls complacently sitting on the ground outside the doors, feet crossed out in front of them, sipping on their near empty route 66 slushy drinks. People were lining up to buy their movie tickets outside the window, and there was clearly no movement. As the line grew longer someone shouted, “What’s going on? My movie is about to start!”. The person standing in front of the line exclaimed “They are locked out. We can’t get in!” I peek around the crowd to take a second look at the girls sitting on the ground. They shrugged their shoulders and mumbled, “We called the manager over an hour ago..” People look around at each other, no doubt pondering whether they should leave or stay and wait it out. 

The older cantankerous lady in front of me in line yells, “Well, how long do you think it will TAKE??”. My shoulders creep up and I wince as I sense the growing tension in the atmosphere. A lady from the far side of the sidewalk comes forward out of the crowd… imagine a Betty White look-alike,  holding her phone out as if she was enacting a scene from the Lion King… “HEY EVERYONE! WE SHOULD PUT THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! THAT WILL SHOW THEM!!”. This lady was clearly on a MISSION.. she was going to unite the forces of the Fort Walton Beach matinee movie-dwelling patrons gathered in this parking lot.  She understood the POWER of social media, and intended on rallying the troops to get these doors unlocked!

Mike and I look straight at each other, eyes wide, trying not to burst into laughter. People stared… a few pull out their phones and others storm back to their cars. I couldn’t help but observe everyone’s annoyance with the situation and giggle. 

Sometimes the most entertaining moments come from the most mundane circumstances in life. What kind of funny situations have you encountered lately while stopping to smell the roses?