Characters and circumstances come to life before your eyes in this beautifully written book about Kelly Minter’s experiences serving in the Amazon and beyond. She paints an inspiring picture of what it looks like to lose yourself in this short life and fix your desires, hope, and joy in Jesus… at home and abroad.

The detailed encounters and evidence of hearts broken for the lost, poor, and sad souls of our world brought fat and heavy tears to my eyes and a yearning within the depths of my soul. It’s a step of faith to serve in a different country but it requires a whole other kind of faith and trust to dive into serving in your daily community. “What if they NEED me?” is a question that she discussed in the book… a question that I’ve asked myself many times as I cling to the comforts of things I know I around me.

This book ignited a fiery desire and thirst inside me to continuously connect with the Lord on a deeper level, a reminder that life is SHORT, and a reminder that the utmost joy is found in serving others in His name. Not just checkbox serving… but getting deep and raw. Airing out mistakes and redemption through those conversations so that others may see His love, mercy, kindness, provision, righteousness, and heart.

Where the River Runs can be purchased on Kelly Minter’s website!