What does it mean to pray? What does it mean to rely on God for daily needs? (When things are good and when they fall apart?) What does it look like to live in communion with the Creator of the Universe, surrendered to His will? This book answered those question for me in a unique way.

George Muller’s Autobiography was an inspirational look into what being in a trusting relationship with God looks like. As influential as he was with child welfare and orphan care in the 1800s , he didn’t lead a perfect life (just like all of us). He didn’t have it all figured out when he became a believer. In fact, there was a lot of twists and turns in his story. What struck me most was how over the years he developed a genuine and sweet relationship with God that sustained Him and his family and ministry.



“The Lord always helps me when I preach, provided I have earnestly sought Him in private. A preacher cannot know the hearts of individuals in the congregation or what they need to hear. But the Lord knows; and if the preacher renounces his own wisdom, he will be assisted by The Lord. But if he is determined to choose a subject in his own wisdom, he should not be surprised when he sees little fruit resulting from his labors.”

“During the last three years and three months, I never have asked anyone for anything. The Lord has graciously supplied all my needs as I bring them to Him. At the close of each of these four years, although my income has been comparatively great, I have had only a few shillings left. My needs are met each day by the help of God.”

“but by giving my brothers visible proof of the unchanging faithfulness of the Lord, I might strengthen their faith. I want to be the servant of the church in the particular point on which I had obtained mercy- in being able to take God at his word and to rely on it. This seems to me best done by establishing an orphan house- something that which could be seen by natural eye”

How does George Muller grow close to the Lord?

– He surrounded himself with other believers. He quickly learned that to be in communion with God, he needed to surround himself with people who also loved and worshiped Him.

– He was in the Word constantly, allowing the Holy Spirit to reach and impression him.

– He had a humble mindset and was honored to be persecuted and ill treated for the name of Jesus

– He trusted the Lord. He still rested in his sovereignty, even in the midst of unimaginable pain and suffering at the loss of his child.

– He established several orphan houses and relied on God to provide everything they needed- never asking anyone for money. He had faith that God would provide and He did. Each answered prayer gave him encouragement and strength to continue in his ministry.


What does George Muller’s story reveal about God’s character?

– God is patient and kind and full of grace. When George rebelled in his early years, the Lord waited for Him. Just as He waits for us.

– God encourages and blesses us. He gives us a burning desire to live for Him.

– God gives us opportunities. He opens doors.

– God answers prayers before we even speak them sometimes

– God heals and performs miracles when we have faith

– God wants to live our lives WITH him, not just FOR him.

Hope you get as much inspiration as I did out of this book: George Muller Autobiography

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Love, Cassandra