Meet Me

Forever grateful friend and follower of Christ. Wife to Michael. Mom to Anthony & Zoey. Dog enthusiast. Gardener. Crocheter. Lover of people, animals, and travel.

Deep down in my soul I have gone from broken, lost without an eternal purpose, living in shame of past mistakes, searching for temporary happiness… to DAILY renewed, eternally loved, secure, filled with everlasting fulfillment and empowered to rest in the grace and love of a Father who is so caring, loving, and powerful. Christ has become my hope, light, strength, praise, and cornerstone. He’s the only solid ground I have to stand on and the source of my redemption.

My heart aches with the desire for those around me to experience this too. In a real, raw way… not ‘pho’ Christian-y way.


Photo cred: Michelle Coppini with Remnant Photography

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